Every month at Bootcamp we do a fitness test. It is a way of checking your progress so the test scores are just for you. However, this month a few people have asked what the records were in the various tests so I have posted them below. I won’t include names (there are a few different people who made these scores) but some of the best came from this last fitness test.

300 yd run (12 25 yard shuttles) – 59 seconds (yards are used not metres because this is a standardised US test)
Press ups in one minute (chest to cone) – 80
Sit ups in one minute (partner holding feet) – 67
Squats in one minute (bum below knees) – 66
Mountain climbers in one minute (both legs to give score of 1) – 100
Lunges in one minute (each leg counts as one) – 71
Burpees in one minute (chest must touch floor and arms must be above head with jump) – 36

Congratulations all. Remember it is just a test against yourself each month, these scores are just for your interest not as targets.